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Join Weiwuying Circus Platform in the Adventure into the Unknown Tickets Available from July 25th with 15% Discount when Buying Bundles of Three

Join Weiwuying Circus Platform in the Adventure into the Unknown Tickets Available from July 25th with 15% Discount when Buying Bundles of Three

Tickets for this year’s Circus Platform performance series at the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying) will commence on Monday, November 18th, continuing till Sunday the 24th. Tickets to the programs are available starting Thursday, July 25th, with a 15% discount when buying three tickets in a single transaction (lowest ticket price excluded). This year’s program includes performance from the Assembly Festival of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, All Genius All Idiot by Swedish group Svalbard Company, Dios by Luis and Pedro Sartori do Vale, a popularly-received performance of the São Paulo Festival Internacional Sesc de Circo , and Taiwanese circus troupe Formosa Circus’s How Long is Now, a show critically acclaimed at Avignon OFF.


The theme of this year’s circus platform is “Adventure, Challenging the Unknown and Breaking Boundaries.”Chien Wen-Pin, artistic director of Weiwuying, stated: “As a new international performance venue for theater, Weiwuying has boldly challenged the unknown by exploring new possibilities for performance art. Apart from performances of outstanding groups both domestic and abroad, this year’s Circus Platform also includes workshops, allowing audiences to participate in technical operations and enjoy the fun of circus skills through the guidance of professional artists. In addition, there are also international forums on the trend of contemporary circus and the future of circus, as well as professional workshops made possible with the collaboration between Centre National des Arts du Cirque and National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, along with other exciting events.”


All Genius All Idiot is presented by four graduates of the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, creating this eerie work that integrates theater elements, circus skills, dance, and music. Finnish and Brazilian descendants, twin brothers Luis and Pedro will be presenting Dios, a fun work that involves archery, visual theater, and circus skills, filled with humor and excitement. Local Taiwanese circus troupe Formosa Circus Art’s How Long is Now challenges and overturns the tradition of showcasing physical wonder and sensory excitement in circus through unexpected combinations of the body with everyday tools.


The circus skill event Gala is a free-entry event that will be arranged at the Outdoor Theatre on Sunday, November 24th. Having collaborated with Centre National des Arts du Cirque (CNAC) for three years in a row, the professional training workshop will be located at the Neihu campus of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts for the first time between Monday, November 18th and Thursday the 21st. The Taiwan contemporary Circus International Forum, which includes five sessions stretched across three days, will be arranged from Friday, November 22nd to the 24th with the theme “How to Circus?How to Adventure?Development ,Construction,and Connection of Circus Eco-System .” The open workshop will be available to the public for two consecutive days on Saturday 23rd and Sunday the 24th, providing a chance for the visitors to experience circus skills such as yoyos, balls, diabolos, and children Parkour through the guidance of professional performers.



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