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2019 Circus Adventure at Weiwuying November 18-24

2019 Circus Adventure at Weiwuying November 18-24

November 18th to 24th, the 4th edition of the annual Weiwuying Circus Platform enters with “adventure, challenging the unknown and breaking boundaries” theme. The circus has gained its popularity in Kaohsiung and attracting visitors as well as professionals across the country. This year, Weiwuying expanded its circus workshops for all ages, and outdoor performances alongside three internationally famed new circus shows.


The performances kick off November 21st to 24th with Sweden’s very own All Genius All Idiot which won audience award at the 2017 Edinburg Fringe Festival. The show integrates acrobatics, theater, dance, and original live music with a surreal fun twist, challenging the everyday perception.


Dios, played by twin brothers Luis and Pedro Satori Do Vale, is a fun work involving archery, circus and visual theater, poking at the rivalry between the pair. Local Taiwanese circus troupe Formosa Circus Arts’s How Long is Now challenges and overturns the tradition of showcasing physical wonder and sensory excitement in circus through unexcepted combinations of the body with everyday tools.


The popular circus workshops once again invites the public regardless of age to experience and learn to juggle, parkour, diabolo, and yo-yos on November 23rd and 24th. In the early evening of November 24th, Circus Gala event takes center stage at the Outdoor Stage performing wild tricks against the sunset.


The Taiwan Contemporary Circus International Forum sets out to reinforce local circus artists, bridging them with the international and local environment. This year, the forum will take place from November 22nd to 24th with the dialogues on “How to Circus? How to Adventure? Development ,Construction, and Connection of Circus Eco-System.”

How Long is Now


 All Genius All Idiot



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