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Weiwuying 2020 Spring Season Launches December 1

Weiwuying 2020 Spring Season Launches December 1

Weiwuying has launched the first of the 2020 program inclusive of 40+ international and nationally acclaimed productions as well as new commissions. Early bird sales for members commence at noon on December 1 through 8. General sales will start on December 8.

Since opening in 2018 and 2019 as its first year in full operations, Weiwuying has reached for the stars and touched the stars with stellar performances on stages and box office sales. Weiwuying's signature Concert Hall has been a favorite of classical music lovers as well as first-time theater-goers in Kaohsiung and Taiwan. The first half of 2020 will kick off on January 4 with celebrated organist Iveta Apkalna who also appeared at the center's opening celebrations in October 2018.

Operas at Weiwuying have been well-anticipated programming with Artistic Director Chien Wen-pin at the helm of the arts center. 2019 saw Turandot, a co-production with Deutsche Opera am Rhein and Komische Opera Berlin's The Magic Flute on the Opera House stage. 2020 will welcome War Requiem, a co-production between Weiwuying and National English Opera on the Peace Memorial weekend on February 28 to March 1 to the Opera House.
2020 will welcome War Requiem

Another eye-catcher is the Korean musical smash hit, Along with the Gods series with The Afterworld playing May 16 and 17 for three shows only, followed by sequel This World on May 30 and 31 for another three-show weekend. Adapted from popular comic books, the movie series took the world by storm in 2017/2018, with yet another followup slated for 2021. Weiwuying presents this original Korean musical series exclusively in Taiwan.

Sì. Mi chiamano Mimì, an evening of Puccini's arias and duets headed by renowned soprano Ling-Hui Lin and dance maestro Lin Hwai-min as director of the show, you can expect to be moved to tears as their previous collaboration in Tosca.

On the contemporary dance front, Weiwuying is known for a champion in the dance world with its biennial Taiwan Dance Platform and continuous efforts to bring diverse contemporary dance languages to Weiwuying. 2020 sees a living dance legend, William Forsythe at Weiwuying late February in A Quiet Evening of Dance, a compilation of raving pieces including the new works, Epilogue and Seventeen/Twenty One. French choreographer Yuval Pick will stage a new work En Ré Mineur set to Bach's Partita in d minor for one show only on May 30 before heading off to Lyon for the Dance Biennale.


The 2nd Weiwuying TIFA Contemporary Music Platform is the first dedication in presenting contemporary music and developing the next generation contemporary musicians in Taiwan. In partnership with renowned maestro Peter Eötvös Foundation, this year, the platform brought the maestro himself to Kaohsiung for an exclusive workshop and a concert series with the young protégées during the month of April.

For theater lovers of all ages, classics such as Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company's Questioning Heaven sees legendary traditional opera star Hai-ling Wang in this epic saga exploring family ties and societal expectations, Creative Society's adaptation of famous literateur Hsien-yun Pai's Crystal Boys, depicting heartfelt gay relationship against all odds within family and society.

Questioning Heaven

Family series welcome all to a fun filled season with dance from Lithuania's Dansema Dance Theatre, circus with Thunar Circus' take on artist Hung Tung's wondrous paintings; National Chinese Orchestra's musical 24 Seasons centered on climate change and disorder and many more.

New Year's Day, as a running tradition at Weiwuying for over a decade, Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Concert Live Broadcast will once again take place on the outdoor stage at 6pm.

For Chinese New Year's holidays, which sees the entire country's population shift from north to south, >Chinese New Year Series boasts of traditional puppet theater by puppet master Chen Hsi-huang and traditional Peking opera with contemporary twist with Po You Set, both designed for the family all the way from grandpas to toddlers.

The popular Weiwuying Showtime series expands into indie music and manzai, the Japanese style stand-up comedy in 2020. Move fast in grabbing tickets for this series, and get a limited edition of Weiwuying Showtime guitar pick with a purchase of three shows.













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