BENSHI No.1 Jan. 2018

Weiwuying Quarterly Journal

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Benshi unravels existing impressions about performing arts commonly accepted by the general society. The magazine meticulously analyzes myriads of observations by participants on stage and back stage to form interesting insights.

The content on the cover of the first issue of Benshi is hidden entirely under scratch ink. Readers are given the opportunity to decide whether they are going to do something about it and how they want their cover to look like.

Through participation, exploration and action, readers are able to step by step unveil and interpret the talented people and creations depicted in the magazine in their very own ways.

本事 1月號/2018第1期 內頁第2頁

本事 1月號/2018第1期 內頁第3頁

本事 1月號/2018第1期 內頁第58頁

本事 1月號/2018第1期 內頁第72頁

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