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Returns & Refunds


According to the Consumer Protection Act, consumers are entitled to the 7-day grace period after the delivery of the goods purchased online.

To simplify and speed up the process of obtaining suitable goods, goods purchased on this website can only be returned and not replaced.

The goods shall be deemed accepted by the consumer after this grace period and shall not be returned under any circumstances.



Please send an e-mail to the online store customer service within the 7-day grace period along with your name, order number, items to return, and the reasoning. Customer service will respond within 3 business days and inform you of the items to be returned, the actual refund amount, and the return address. Upon confirmation from both parties, the shipping company will be arranged to pick up the goods within 5 business days at the appointed time, and the refund will be completed within 15 business days after receiving the return and confirming the integrity of the goods. The invoice, sales return, and credit note will be handled by the Weiwuying online store.


* Please note that you should not return the goods without first confirming with online store customer service. If the goods are lost or damaged, no refund will be given.


 Return Shipping Fee 

One-time free shipping return service is provided per purchase order. The consumer shall be responsible for the return shipping fees of other item returns from the same purchase order.


 Return Policy 

  1. Within the 7-day grace period after the goods is delivered.

  2. If the goods are purchased as a set, the entire set must be returned and cannot be returned as individual items.

  3. Add-on items can be returned as individual goods, but the add-on items must be returned together with the purchase goods if the principal item is returned.

  4. For orders with a specific purchase amount, the actual refund amount is calculated by deducting the original price of the remaining items, shipping fee, and discount amount from the total amount if the final price does not exceed the specific purchase amount after the goods is returned.

  5. The returned goods must be new with the complete packaging. Please return the main unit, accessories, gifts, packaging, and all accompanying documents or materials in their original state. Please return all accessories and do not damage the original box from the factory, as goods that cannot be returned to its original state may not be eligible for returns or the consumer may be charged with a service fee.

  6. Please return the goods in its original packaging, including the outer box, packaging box, merchandise, wrapping paper, catalogs, and tags etc. fully intact. If the original outer box is no longer available, please use a carboard box to contain the original packaging of the goods. Do not directly attach a paper label or write on the outer packaging of the goods for shipping. The goods is not eligible for returns if the rules above are not followed.

  7. The consumer shall be responsible for the shipping fees of missing items.

* Please note that the grace period is not a trial period. If the goods is opened, used, and deemed unable to be returned to its original state, the returned goods will not be accepted and will be sent back to the consumer.



The two following refund methods are available based on the payment type:

  1. Credit Card: The refund will be completed within 15 business days after the return process is completed. Due to different credit card settlement closing dates, the chargeback amount may show up in the current or next billing cycle (please contact the issuing bank for detailed billing times).

  2. ATM: The refund will be completed within 15 business days after the return process is completed. The refund will be transferred to the bank account as provided by the consumer.




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